1. Simple Photographic Composition

    Date 05 Aug 2016
    Digital photography success relies on several main things of high importance. The apparent first thing which’s very essential for digital photography is just lighting and light. The light is what can get your picture exposed and controlling it correctly will give you complete control over your photographic picture. Another important…

  2. Street Photography 101

    Date 31 Jul 2016
    Actually street photography has absolutely nothing to do with the street. It’d be better to describe street photography as moment photography, images which are drawn in the moment with no prep. You may also describe it as social photography, the way who individuals communicate with others. It’s about our human…

  3. Budgeted trip is an artwork

    Date 30 Jul 2016
    Preparing a budgeted trip is an artwork and not many individuals know of how to do it successfully. If you’re a regular frugal traveler, you’d know just how to work around organizing a dream trip in your enclosed budget. This gets even more difficult with the sky high airfares and…

  4. Travel photography is what comes to mind

    Date 25 Jul 2016
    Travel photography is rather not the same as other photographic efforts especially if you plan to earn a living from it. Most effective journey photographers are authors as well. Actually in the print world, you cannot separate words from pictures. What the image cannot show, the terms explain in more…

  5. Fitbit Vs Jawbone

    Date 13 Jan 2016
    Ive used both and love both for its own reason. The jawbone battery life is just awesome and the size of it can just go unnoticed. Compared to the fitbit, which is very noticiable The jawbone also is superior when it comes to the app, the design is very chic.…

  6. Format vs SquareSpace vs Wordpress

    Date 13 Jan 2016
    This was a tough one till i found the right solution when it came to maintenance and minimalistic design. I was on wordpress before, since i am also a developer it was a know territory for me. Till i came to the point where i wanted a seamless way to manage…

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