The Model Portfolio FAQ

The Portfolio

When you're first starting out as a model, it isn't essential to get professional photos. But if an agency is interested in you, but it's not quite ready to register you, the agency might ask you for a portfolio. For a brand new model, this could be very confusing cause they have no clue as to what the agency is looking for or what it means. 

Where to start?

.01 A beauty Shot 
.02 Full Length Body Shot
.03 Swimsuit Shot 
.04 Editorial Fashion Shot (Fashion Models)
.05 A Smiling Shot 
.06 A Strong Closing Shot 

Your Portfolio is a Work in Progress 

The objective of an excellent portfolio isn't to fill it up with several pictures. A portfolio should tell a tale about who the model (you) is as a brand, and also the direction the model is heading in their career. It is far better to have 3 or 4 excellent shots than ten shots that are mediocre.

Work With Many

A portfolio is a work in progress, it's never completed and is always changing. Shoot with as many photographers as you can so you will take advantage of the various styles every photographer possesses; this will also give you experience working with a wide range of personality types. Each time you do a photo shoot, you'll get better and better! Keep at it, and you'll be sure to be successful!

01 A beauty shot or clean headshot. 

There are kinds of pictures that agencies like to see from the beginning. Agencies like pictures that show the model's flexibility and their capability to express themselves. Agencies also want to look at how well a model can tell a story or depict a feeling or emotions in their photographs. 

The goal of beauty shot would be to show the model from her or his most natural condition, which makes it possible for the agency or customer to see precisely how a model looks without heavy makeup or styling. 

02 A Total Length Body Shot. 

 This shot permits the agency/client to find the model's proportions and physique. Clothes should be form-fitting and natural. 

03 Swimsuit Shot 

If you're over 16 years of age and are comfortable doing a swimsuit/trunks shot, then this should be the next photograph on your book. When doing a swimsuit shot, it's significant to always think about the message you're sending. 

04 Editorial Fashion Shot 

The Fashion photographs in the middle of your portfolio can be a little more creative. Attempt to show the agency and clients your capacity to move and express yourself in your pictures. Don't stand there and present! Jump, run, dancing! Do something that is fascinating and expressive. Supermodel Coco Rocha is famous for her passionate and distinctive style. 

05 A Smiling Shot 

Agencies and clients wish to see your smile, but more important, your teeth. 
It is okay if you don't have an ideal tooth, in actuality, lots of supermodels have been known for their gap-toothed smiles or sexy overbites. 

06 A Strong Closing Shot 

Always end with one of your sharpest pictures. Another exquisite beauty or headshot that is a bit different than your opening shot will work ideally. 
Many individuals only remember the very first and very last shot on your book, so make sure these shots will be your strongest ones. 

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